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Who We Are

Nutri-Systems Inc. is a father and son professional nutrition team balanced with both technological expertise along with over 40 years of combined experience. Nutri-Systems Inc. has been a leader in the dairy industry for over 45 years. Our goal is make long lasting improvements to both management and nutrition philosophy in order to improve the profitability of our clients.

Our Services

From usingĀ  the ration balancing program AMTS, to flying drones for audits, we are devoted to providing the best ration possible for your herd.

Contact Us Today!

For a customized price quote please contact Andy Riordan or Leslie Jacobsen by clicking here for their contact information.

Featured Services

  • Ration optimization using the AMTS based off of CNCPS
  • Advanced Excel based feed program for clients
  • Daily milk and component measurements using custom software
  • Dairy Comp in depth review and analysis
  • Feed Watch (both versions), EZ feed and Digi-Star feed management software
  • Transition cow management/environment evaluation and optimization