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  • Ration optimization using the AMTS based off of CNCPS which is the worlds most advanced dairy nutrition software
  • Advanced Excel based feed program for clients that do not have feed management software
  • Daily milk and component measurements using custom software developed by Nutri-Systems Inc. (Available on our website)
  • Dairy Comp in depth review and analysis
  • Feed Watch (both versions), EZ feed and Digi-Star feed management software evaluation for Feeders, feed usage and shrink
  • Transition cow management/environment evaluation and optimization
  • Cow comfort management and evaluation
  • Calves and young stock feed optimization along with growth and reproduction evaluation
  • Dairy Facility, Mixer Wagon, and Milking system audits using a drone
  • Quarterly performance reports, ration changes and product evaluations based on the needs of the individual client
  • Coordinating/scheduling meetings with Veterinarians, farmers, silage choppers and key facility employees to review protocols and gather information on how to best improve the dairy‚Äôs bottom line
  • Commodity evaluation using a portable NIR and Agricultural laboratories